Don't think I've done a "Q & A" before....so here we gooooo:::

--> How old are you in five years’ time?

........39 years and 7 months....... :0

-->Who was the last person you met?

My new neighbor....he just moved in so I don't remember what his name is.......

 -->How tall are you?

162 cm

 -->Which was the last film you saw?

"Red" with Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis etc....it was ok....people have been raving about it so I had alot of expectations....oh well!

--> Who was the last person you called?

The husband, to make sure we were meeting at 72nd st and Broadway...

 -->What did your last text message say and to whom?

It was to my (step)-niece Tatiana sayin "Thanks, I will"....she had texted me a reminder that it was her brothers birthday today///

 -->What are today’s plans?

Weeellll...today's plans were to meet my husband in the city, go to the bank, go for a long walk...some more errands and then on our way home stop at "Stop & Shop"......to do some...eeeh food shopping!! :)

 -->Do you prefer to call or send a text message?

No preference....call/text/email......I do it all....

--> Are your parents married, living together (without being married) or divorced?

Married for 38 years this past month....

 -->When was the last time you saw your mother?

January 6th, we were leaving Falkenberg, Sweden to head up to Kungsbacka to my sister..

--> Which colour do your eyes have?

Blue...green...hazel....depends what mood I'm in...hehehehe!!!

 -->When did you wake up today?

at 5 or so....I was couching so much....but then I drifted off to sleep again. Woke up at 8 or so..

 -->Have you ever found a cat?

-->Yes....a couple of times! Actually I think the first one found us, and now she lives with us!

 -->Which is your favourite place?

Olofsbo, Falkenberg...at my parents place. Warren, Vermont......just absolutely gorgeous....And of course...NYC!

 -->Which is your least favourite place?

uuummm....more like least favorite spot....any Starbucks bathroom...the dentist...

 -->Where do you think that you are in ten years’ time?

Closer to my family in Sweden....maybe even in Sweden. I'll leave it up to fate....

 -->What scared you as a child?

Death...I remember laying in bed at night thinking about dying. And feeling so distraught thinking that after dying that would be it...!

 -->Who made you laugh recently?

Something my husband said...but the last time I laughed until tears came out of my eyes was 2-3 days ago , having a " chat conference" with my best friends Johanna and Annette with MSN Messenger!! My gooooooooood these girls know how to make me laugh!

 -->Are you too young to own vinyl records?

Nooo....but I don't have them with me here in the US...

 -->Do you have a laptop or a desk top?


 -->Do you sleep with or without clothes?

It's all about the Birthday Suit for me.... :)

-->How many pillows do you have in your bed?

6....and I want more!! The more the better for me...

--> How many landscapes / regions have you lived in?

Halland in Sweden....New Jersey and New York in USA..

 -->Have you ever puked while drunk?

Ughhh....yes!! Young and stupid....

 -->Do you prefer shoes, socks or barefoot?

BAREFOOT!!! I hate wearing socks....it's heaven for me when the summer comes and all I have to do is slip on my flip flops and go!!! But at home...barefoot...all the time, even during winter...

 -->Are you social?

ummm....sometimes...if it's in an environment where I feel comfortable

-->Which is your favourite ice cream?

Piggelin.....and "Torggrillen"s (Falkenberg) mjukglass!!

 -->Do you like coffee?


 -->What do you drink for breakfast?

Coffee or juice diluted with water..

 -->Do you sleep on any special side?

The left...usually..

 -->Do you know how to play poker?


 -->Do you like to “mysa” (to have a cosy time)?

Love it...my favorite "mys" time is a Saturday when the husband is off from work, I experiment with a new food recipe....and we have some good movies from Netflix to watch!

 -->Do you know anybody with the same birthday as you?


 -->Do you want children?


 -->Do you know any other languages than English (questionnaire was in Swedish originally so the question was ”Do you know any other languages than Swedish?”)

Swedish, some german and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery little french. Starting to learn some spanish!

--> Have you ever been in an ambulance?


 -->Do you prefer the sea or a pool?

The sea..most definately. But splashing in a pool isn't too bad either...

 -->What do you prefer spending money on?

Traveling, clothes.....IKEA!!

 -->Have you ever smoked?


 -->What was the last thing you put in your mouth?

Water....boring ...I know!!

 -->Who is the funniest person you know?

My sister Emma....

 -->Choose a scar on your body?

This tiny little scar on my left "pekfinger"...from when I was cutting an avocado for the first time....that was a loooooooooooong time ago!

 -->Where was the photo taken for your blog header?

Don't have a photo for my header!

 -->Do you know how to change the oil in a car?


 -->Which was the last book you read?

I'm almost done with "the Secret garden" by Kate Morton....pretty good book!

 -->Do you read newspapers?

Ummm...I check Aftonbladet.se and HN.se in the morning....other than that I try to stay away from the news...too much negativity ALL the time!!

 -->Do you have a magazine subscription?


 -->When were you last time in church?

Don't remember...

So there you have it.....


Lillen... said...

Tack och är du så jäkla kort???;-)

Anonymous said...

:) :) roligt att läsa. Kram Malin