The other day I took the subway from Staten Island Ferry and I got off at my stop, 18th and 7th if anyone wants to know....I saw a lady on crutches hobbling her way to the exit closer to 19th street...I was going the other way. Then I remember that I had to go to Duane Reade to pick up some stuff....so I turned around to take the other exit. I noticed the lady on crutches struggling to get out..and she seemed like she was on the verge of crying. I usually mind my own business and just put on my Ipod and be on my way..
But she clearly needed help...so I helped her through the revolving exit and then she stood at the bottom of the stairs and said "I have never been on crutches before, how the hell am I going to get up these stairs?".
So I helped her up the stairs, me holding her arm and crutches..her jumping on one leg up the stairs. I told her that I wasn't supposed to take this exit and then she just told me "You're an angel,God put you in my path today....I love you" and then she was on her way to work.
Was it fate,destiny a higher being that reminded me that I needed to turn around and take the other exit...and then helping that lady??


Sisterister said...

Aaaaoooohhh!! You näääver know! oooohhh!! Love you to!

Caroline said...

Va det en varg du skulle harma eller nat??hehh...aaaaaoooohhhh!!!