I was thinking that maybe I should introduce myself......my 23 personalities and I!! I was born in Falkenberg, Sweden about 31 years ago. I have 2 wonderful parents, 2 amazing sisters and 2 wonderful nieces...whom I miss like crazy at times.

The thing is....I live in NY and they live in Sweden!!!As my mother tells me..."It was ur choice to move to NY".....well....yes it was!!But that doesn't make it less hard to be away from them!!

I have lived in NY since December 2000.....my boyfriend at the time paid for my ticket over, since I was a poor student at the time, and to my surprise (and happiness) he proposed and we got married March 2001! It was a nice little rock and roll wedding (as my husband calls it) we went to City Hall and tied the knot!! My mother was not happy......since she wasn't able to come for the wedding. And last year my older sister Malin went and got secretly married to her longtime boyfriend Martin.......my poor mother...she hasn't been able to attend any of her daughters weddings....!!! So now all the pressure is on Emma.....our youngest little one!!!........but ironicly she might never get married....or so she says!!! She has a real cool blog http://twistedlittlesister.blogg.se/


Johanna Crainmark said...

Aaaah! Det ar jag som lamnar de forsta kommentarerna pa din blogg! Hehe! Ok, jag slutar nu, sa att ngn annan far chansen ocksa ;-)
Jag far val ta och starta en ocksa... nu blev jag sugen! Gulligt kort forresten! JA! Du maste visa dina foton ocksa pa din blogg gumsan!
(sa att det forstas internationellt ;-) )

Anonymous said...

O nu är de min tur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Äntligen kommer jag inte....knackelibank!!!

Anonymous said...

Men vänta lite här nu....vill inte jag gifta mig?? Jaha....de visste inte jag. Men nu e de ju så att Caroline vet bäst...fuck the rest?????

Caroline said...

Oki....da tar jag tebax det da!!! Nar Gerard Butler kom in i bilden andrades allt eller???winkety wink!!!

Johanna said...

Vem är Gerard Butler??????????????????????????

Caroline said...

En skadespelare...han va med i "The Phantom of the opera" filmen..spelade fantomen!!! Emma's in loooooooooove!!!